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Why should you employ a reputed SEO company?

Most people are not aware of what SEO companies actually do. They feel that all that is done is writing of blogs and some even think of them as spammers. This view has risen from the fact that there is a lot of malcontent which has been posted over the years. It was thought that the only intention of the above is to ensure that the search engines get tricked and thus the company makes a quick buck. However, not all SEO companies are the same and this yardstick does not apply to all.

What does a good SEO company do?

A company worth its salt will treat the client’s site as if it were their own. They ensure that the money being paid by the client is used towards raising the numbers effectively and efficiently. Before they even start writing the content or even add a link, the site is broken down by them and looked at from different angles to find out which is the best strategy that should be employed. In order to achieve this they look for the following:

  • txt files which prevent the crawlers of the search engines from indexing and crawling on the website pages which are not meant for public view.
  • Site errors which inform the search engine that the site is not worth a premium listing or that it is not a trustworthy site. The common errors are page content which is duplicated, 4xx errors, title tags that are duplicated, title tags which are missing as well as robots.txt which blocks crawlers.
  • They also check the indexed pages and see that there are enough details for search phrases to be found. When the pages are indexed, not only are they shown up in search results but organic traffic can be driven to the site as well.
  • They check for the user experience and that is why the speed of the site is checked. Slower speed of loading of the page amounts to a poorer customer experience and thus the site ranks lower than others.
  • The XML sitemap is important as the search engine uses it to index the pages on the site. This differs from the robots.txt which informs the search engines as to which pages should not be indexed.
  • Meta elements when they are optimized increase the chances of the site being found on the SERPs. The reasons why meta elements are not considered optimized are when there are duplicate meta descriptions, title tags or even content on the site.

In short, these are all the technical aspects that a good SEO company in Sydney will take into consideration. In addition, they also do an analysis of the content of the site and much more.

When an SEO company offers guarantees of overnight rankings, doubling of traffic or instant leads, those companies should be avoided as they are certainly not doing things ethically. Instead, this could only lead to the site suffering much more as a result of such practices being followed.

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